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For those of you who play Blizzard games.

The employees have asked you not play them at all tomorrow as a message to the company.

Digital Strike and all that.


I put the kiddo down at 2130 last night and they just started waking up now, ten hours later.

People who think mask mandates, vaccine passports, and renewed lockdowns are somehow "authoritarian states trying to control us" exhibit a profound misunderstanding of virtually every aspect of modern society.

tut is the best linux cli client for mastodon. toot is great for scripting, but for actual human use @tut is everything you could want. do try it.

My dog, alone with me: *i sleep*

My dog, alone with my partner: *i sleep*

My dog, with the two of us: *spends two straight hours ferociously licking his uh hindquarters*

Descartes' wicked demon and Maxwell's demon are involved in a closed quantum experiment measuring whether or not they are gay. If they kiss and light from that kiss passes through a double slit revealing that light is a particle, a hammer will smash a vial containing its own trolley problem in some way impacted by heat such that Maxwell's demon becomes relevant. If the light is a wave, then they are safe, but Maxwell's demon will be interviewed such that its experience kissing the wicked demon will no longer seem to have an ontologically consistent basis; this eventually would lead to Maxwell's demon becoming enlightened. In this scenario, is it ethical to disclose particle-wave duality beforehand knowing that it could cause them not to kiss, which may result in Maxwell's demon remaining in Samsara?


having your thumb gummed by a baby feels weird

a U.S. leftist saying "we need to band together against the tankie ML menace" is a lot like saying "we need to protest against the unionization efforts of Santa's elves"

1) just on the face of it, this is a reactionary sentiment
2) the what


Clinton (the AI weeb) has encountered Yay (the superpowerful ... what? philosophical zombie? AI God?). This ought to be completely fine with no consequences whatsoever.

For as much rehabilitation Marxist-Leninists have attempted with Stalin and Mao, the same needs to be done with Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il-Sung and others. Even further, we need to study American communists to see how they applied Marxism Leninism to the conditions here.

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# Software From Another World

> We undermine not only unions, but every aspect of the worker's life: AirBnB spikes rents, Uber disenfranchises drivers, a thousand streaming services reinvent cable, Amazon fucks everybody, and so on. Despite any niche expertise, these are companies made possible by software, by the lending of software labor to capitalist ends. We can choose to deny them, if we stand together.

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COVID fears 

Housemates (partner's parents) are headed to Vegas next week

We're all vaccinated.

Except for the baby.

If you take away your support of a people groups right to exist because someone is mean to you, you don't actually believe that they deserve to exist.

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Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the structures, against the systems, against the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

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Like, y'all do understand that, had Bezos blown up with his dickmissile, absolutely nothing would change, right?

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